Mercury Retrograde - A Time of Inner Reflection
August 13 - September 5, 2017

Yes, Mercury is Retrograde again. Mercury went retrograde August 13 and will be here with us till September 5. Most of us know Mercury Retrograde as a time of miscommunications, computer glitches and machine breakdowns, but it is so much more! During this time, life on earth has accelerated in harmony with the solar eclipse.


"It is a time for inner reflection. A lot of pondering of someone's life, a deepening of the inward journey. It is a period of accessing where we are coming from in all our relationships. It is a time to look at the way we relate to our environment, the way we treat ourselves and the way we speak to our inner child. "~ Samyama*


*Above is a clip from Samyama's interview on August 24 about the affect of the Mercury Retrograde/Solar Eclipse combo on our lives.

Mercury Retrograde and August 21's Solar Eclipse.

Click here to listen to the complete 16 minute interview with Samyama, which talks about the influence of the Solar Eclipse of August 21 and Mercury Retrograde August 13-September 6.

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