2015 What is the Path of 8?

Adding the sum (2+0+1+5), we get the vibration of eight. In numerology terms, the number 8 is the vibration of power and abundance. As this new breath begins to influence your life, you have the opportunity to accomplish your goals and dreams in a clearer way. The 8 is abundance in all forms – your power, your relationships, your money, your spirit. It is an exciting and energetic boost to your body, mind and soul. – Greer Jonas, numerologist. Read more at numerology4yoursoul.com

Samyama: The Number 8 heralds The Power of a Matriarch's Love​ for 2015 on Planet Earth.  From Mother Gaea to all the Godwomen who are inhabitants of Earth, All Creatures Great and Small of the female specie, will live in the Glory of being loved for being Loving.  Inner Strength, found in the Spirit will rub on every female Soul.  


Mahavatar Babaji taught "Reach for the Structure of the Macrocosm.  The worst thing that could happen if you fail, is that you will land above the Stars.".  JAI GURUDEV!!!!!


What is the message then, of 8?  It is that "It is congested at the bottom.  There is no more room left there.  There is plenty of room at the top.  Aspire for your highest Dreams there, and Dream your Multi-Colored World into Being.", like how our Ancestors Dreamt our World into Being.


May you be Blessed, Godwomen of The Earth!  It is Time to leave a Trail of Blazing Light for Humanity to Follow.  Hail to Gaea, Our Divine Mother Earth!  Your Light is Most Beautiful, My Beloved!


Much Love, Peace and Balance for 2015,

Samyama Flowering Tree


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2016 is the year of the 9. (2+0+1+6 = 9) . Nine is all about transformation and completion. How will it be for you? Read reflections from Samyama.

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