2015: The Start of the New Day is Here Now
Reflections of United States in 2015
by Samyama Flowering Tree

The Intuitive aspect (a Spiritual Attainment) of the United States as a nation, its inhabitants, and everything about it, is in Flux.  The saying in the East, "There is nothing consistent in human life except Change" is very true for the whole of 2015 in the US.  Thanks to the words of Wisdom from the Spiritual Leaders and Spiritual Teachers of both East and West, the residents and the citizens of the country will find themselves more willing than ever to Embrace their Shadows.

(Editors note: To fully understand the text written here by Samyama Flowering Tree, one must read with the spirit, not just the head.  It is a visual kaleidoscope that is meant to tap into another dimensional experience for each reader.


The words are often messages that come in pictures and symbols and/or formulas. For example, according to Samyama, the capitalized words have Mystical Meanings, that cannot be translated into language usage.  By capitalizing certain auspicious words, a Mystic is alerted to pay attention and open to its new meaning. Reading this becomes an exercise in a "New Beginning", a "New Freshness", and a New Direction" in the Alchemical Process.)

Reflections for 2015

Since 1952, America is learning to be lovingly kind to their Inner Child, so much so that on the Onset of January 1, 2015, we will find our biological parents kinder, more humane, a little bit more demonstrative with their affection, a little bit more authentic in their communication, their Self Expression coming more from the Core of their Being, and from their heart of hearts.  Truly, Progress is measured in inches and not in miles. 


The assertive aspect of each inhabitant in the US is a little bit more heroic than usual, giving us a steadier reputation for being Big Brothers and Big Sisters to All Creatures Great and Small.  America will in 2015, lean on being True to their character and true to their ideals, more than ever before. 


The Beginner's Mind is now geared towards Enlightened Action, in addition to being smart and clever, as a Wholesome Attribute of the American people.  The Spirit of the Formless Great Love is in the air. The patience of the people will start to bloom, blossom and grow.  Growing one baby step at a time into Spiritual Maturity, more Spiritually Erect and more Spiritually Upright than before. Not because anyone asked, it is because..... IT is Time!!!!!


For 2015, I Sense the approaching Nearness of Attitudinal Growth on the American Shore.  Pro-Active, thriving, while living in Win/Win relationship, instead of just surviving moment to moment.


No longer ignoring the Transformative Power of the Spoken Word, Americans will start "Feeling for" a Power Larger than they are, Bigger than they are.  The people of this Land will start Using Communication as a Healing Tool in their everyday lives.


May you be Blessed, as many others have been Blessed by you.  Thank you for keeping me company in my Soul Journey in this lifetime.  I am in Tremendous Delight having you in my midst.


Samyama Flowering Tree

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