Five Day Yagdas

Samyama has been working with a particular group of Eastern Saints and Sages in India for some time. They use Agni, the Fire of Yoga, in the form of Prayers, Chanting, and Sacred Ceremony to heal, empower, transform, and much, much more. They do this Fire Ceremony in personal form as well as in the Subtle Realms on behalf of every Sadhaka on the planet. This Great Work is called Yagna. Over the years she has received Great Benefit from having Yagna's performed for her, her family, and those of us in her spiritual community . 

These Great Beings in India are making a Special Offering of a Five Day Yagna Offering  that would take place January 26 –March 20, 2019. The Yagna includes the following: 

  • Family of 4 cost is $555.



~ For additional family members (that is over 4 members) the cost will be $125 per extra person for all 5 yagyas ($25extra for each yagya). Please send info and we will send you specialized invoice.


  • Individual Yagyas: Individual level for one person is available for all 5 yagyas = $235

Couple Yagyas: the cost for 2 (all 5 yagyas) =$355.

Meditation for The Ascension of Mother Earth:
You Make a Difference to Spirit!

NEW! Meditation for The Ascension of Mother Earth guided by Samyama Flowering Tree is now available to you. This transcendental meditation will guide you through the chakras and help you open the beautiful blue flame in your heart.

$5.00 for MP3 downloadable format. We will send to you through dropbox.

Drop It! - The Command of Lord Buddha

Samyama Flowering Tree hands down the profound teaching from the Oral Tradition of the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage of North America. It is the teachings of Letting Go of the Past and Living in the Now, Now, Now.

$5.00 for MP3 downloadable format.

We will send to you through dropbox.



Order both audio files  for $9.00
We will both send both audio files to you through dropbox
Other CDs, Books and Prints

When purchasing a book you will be directed to the website of Balboa Press or Gather Insight to complete the transaction.  When purchasing a CD you will be directed to iTunes to complete the transaction. When purchasing a Mahavatar Babaji print, you will be directed to PayPal to complete the transaction and your order will be fulfilled by Zola Graphics  (

The Secret Garden by Munishwarji Bayazid

Hardcover Illuminated Book   $44.00                     

Book plus Audio Initiations     $64.00

Audio Initiations only                $20.00

Distant Healing CD by Munishwarji Walking Tall

Price: $9.99

No Teaching Yoga by Melissa Forbes

Hardcover Illuminated

Book $44.00

Audio Meditations

Prints of Mahavatar Babaji
by Pamela Gates Capozzola


Prints also available on canvas.

Contact Pam Capozzola at 
or 631-835-8024 for prices and to order.



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