2014 Astrology Perspective for the US

What will we see in 2014 for the United States?  Jupiter (Planet of Great Luck = preparation meeting opportunity) is at its Exaltation/Exultation in the Sun Sign Cancer.  In the chart of the US, Jupiter will be transiting the Sun (planet of reunions and performance), Venus (planet of Love) and natal Jupiter in Cancer in the 7th House, house of partnership, personal, business, etc.

This is also the house of open enemies.  If you have a secret enemy, this Transit of Jupiter will reveal who it is.  No harm done! Since Jupiter is a highly auspicious planet, this revelation will be for the Ultimate Good of the parties concerned.  It's about time for Internal House cleaning.  Jupiter is also co-ruler with Neptune of the Second Chakra, the emotional body.  Neptune is transiting right now in Pisces in the Third House (house of communication and short trips) of the US, meaning that the emotional body, which is the two year old in us, it is time for our Toddler to communicate that "it" needs assistance to adequately implement the "Toilet Training" our parents taught us, or to voice "its" opinion on how to be treated when getting "toilet trained".


This could refer to our growing need to learn how to process our issues adequately, so that we learn to be responsible and accountable as "Cause" in the matter.  With the position of Neptune (Planet of Ocean of Bliss, Great Love and Sublime Mercy), this is very doable.


Mercury in Cancer is at the 8th house of the US, the Planet of the Fine Arts of Communication,Publishing, Journalism, Mail Order, etc.  It looks like these avenues will flourish.  Also auspicious to the economy of the US in joint partnership with Americans.


Saturn Planet of the Disciple is in Scorpio till late December 2014.  People who are Followers of One Consciousness Raising Path or another, will be nurturing and nourishing a very deep Secret in their Heart of Hearts.  That is - A love that is more than love, so precious, so priceless, so, so ever-new, that the Blushing Disciple swoons over the God/Goddess of his/her heart with a Beginner's Mind and Heart.  Sounds soooo cool!  How come?, Saturn in Scorpio is auspicious with Jupiter in Cancer.  The configuration is Blessed by the Presence of the Saints and the Sages who are Guardians of the Eternal Flame of Great Love - Intention?  To pace and lead the Disciple (seeker of Knowledge) as he/she becomes a Devotee (seeker of the One Beloved, The Beginningless One).


Uranus is in Aries in the 4th house (house of Innermost Self) and 5th House (children, amusement, entertainment, love at first sight, romance) of the US.  As Aries is the Planet of the

I AM Presence, which is commonly attributed to Jesus of Nazareth, it looks like throughout 2014, the Descent of the Power of Love from Christ Consciousness is Inevitable.  I can feel it!  "Love is in the Air".  There is increase in the pioneering instinct, creative inventions and creative genius of Spiritual Leaders in the US.  An apparent flow of Avant Garde modalities  will enhance Spiritual Emergence in the country.


Pluto is in Capricorn throughout 2014 in the second house of the US, House of Finances, Beauty and Career.  Symmetry here is the Focus of Attention.  Disciples and Devotees will Journey within Toward The One Beloved, with hearts Open to Beauty, and Harmony.


Careers like Image Consultation, Color Therapy, Interior Decoration, Landscaping Design will be approached by most during 2014, with Love in their hearts.  Holistic Health will have two new added Dimension to its Paradigm.  When before IT is Mind, Body and Spirit, 2014 will see Holistic Health become Wholistic, namely; Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul and Emotions.  Thus, the Emergence of Metaphysical Shamanism = Wholistic Health)


Beloved America, Paragon of Virtues when it comes to Generosity and Universal Brotherhood, May you be Blessed throughout 2014 and Beyond!  There is now this Season of Spiritual Emergence coming from the hearts of ITS citizens, Balanced in their love for Country and Love for God.  This love will flow toward themselves in All its Radiant Glory with Christ Consciousness, Onward to their families, and to all of us, their Brethren.  Economy will continue to improve and we will 'not want".  Our Political Leaders will Rise Up to the Occasion.  Some will be our Big Brothers, some, Uncle Sam to us too.  Love is in the Air... Feel how All-Pervasive this Love is.  There is no Space in this Country where Love is Not.

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