Samyama Flowering Tree's
Spiritual Astrology Readings
Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra

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Do you yearn for More and are not even sure what it is?
Tired of looking for More in all the wrong places?

Holy, Sacred, and Divine Experiences
are Available to you!

A Spiritual Astrology Reading includes: 

   Empowering you with Guidance from your Astrological Chart, Auric Field, Past Lives, Higher Self, and Tarot Reading. 
60-90 minute sessions

Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra™

This relaxing, transformative experience is a meditative language-based healing modality. It assists you in contacting the deepest part of Self while accelerating your personal evolution of Consciousness to experience a more joyous and Spirit-centered life.
60 minute sessions

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Spiritual Astrology Readings
Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra
with Samyama


While Samyama holds you in a Field of Love,
She is Channeled by the Beauty
and Wisdom of the Higher Planes which
Guides, Uplifts, and Heals you into Greater Wholeness.


with Samyama Flowering Tree

Astrology Readings
60 - 90 minutes

First time Clients $500 

Returning Clients $360


Karttikeyan Sessions


Intuitive Mentor Coaching

$360 per 60 minute phone session

10 sessions for was $3000 if paid in full in advance.

Read more about Intuitive Mentor Coaching 


Payment may be made by Zelle (preferred) or PayPal to

Payments must be made prior to the scheduling of the Reading.


Contact: John Crawford (Shripati J)

For questions, and scheduling

Each reading by phone by  is recorded and available to you
for your continued personal reflection and contemplation.

For the Reading Samyama will need your

Birth Info: Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth,

and also town where you grew up and the town where you currently reside.

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