A Most Auspicious Phenomenon

Bestowal of Great Grace

Channeled on 9/24/2017

Good Day Beloved Friends,

I have some very beautiful news to share with you. Now is a time for The Bestowal of Great Grace! Here is a channeled reading of the relationship between man and God himself as he reaches out to us Earth Godmen and Godwomen, His People:

"There is much going on with our galaxy. You may already be witnessing or experiencing the result of these influences. It is impacting all disciples and devotees."

"God (who at this time is acting as our Guru) is Gracing us with Inner Reflection so we can be Self Generating in Nourishing and Nurturing ourselves during these times of Shifting Cosmic Consciousness which is getting to be Everly Expansive."

"This Inner Reflection focuses on the Fundamental Relationship of Guru and Disciple and God and Devotee in all of us. This means that God and Guru is in a complimentary relationship with us just like the Sun and the Moon, making our relationship with God and Guru Endless and Fulfilled."


For the next seven days our Generous God will be Showering us with Light which started at 10:00 pm Saturday September 23 and will continue to Saturday, September 30 2017 EST. During this time, be a Receiver and allow the Light to Nourish and Nurture you. Now is the time for Self-Generation and to develop the Grace of Inner Reflection Bestowed upon us, and to contemplate the Nature of your Relationship to God and Guru.

This Light is meant for your personal development. Welcome IT and Receive IT with Great Respect and Much Love.

Thank you for the Gift of your Presence upon this Earth.

Loving you Now and Always,

Samyama Flowering Tree

Spiritual Astrologer since November 22, 1958 and Professional Spiritual Astrologer since January 31, 1983.

About the Sun/Emperor/Moon Tarot Cards as per the above:

We chose the Sun, Moon and Emperor tarot cards (from the Ryder Waite Tarot Deck) to illustrate the three aspects of the Path of Self-Actualization of Advanced Metaphysics.


Sun - The Sun is the assertive aspect of Love which is an action word.

Emperor - The Emperor represents the Spiritual head of our Adam Kadmon race galaxy, our Galaxy and Adonai ~ The Emperor of our Earth Galaxy of Godmen and Godwomen.

Moon - The Moon is the tender aspect, which is Romantic and Nostalgic. The Personal, Subjective aspects representing our Intuitive Logic.

Comment: 9/28/2017

Very dear Samyama,

I read this carefully and was very surprised about the time frame and intent of this phenomemon.

Here is why: did you know that from the start of Rosh Hashanah this year on September 21 through the end of Yom Kippur on September 30 are our High Holy days. During those ten days we need to be intensely introspective and admit our faults and sins, pray for forgiveness, while we honor the start of the New Year.
Your dates and our dates completely coincide! But I don't think it is a coincidence. Instead, it is a beautiful thing.


For more information on our Annual High Holy Days you can look it up on the web. As you read, I think you will find many more "coincidences ". How lovely. ~Mimi R.