100 Pundit World Peace Yagya

Feb. 13 – Oct.12, 2018

An Invitation to Create Peace


Vedic Astrologers are saying that the whole of 2018 is a difficult and dangerous time for the world. To meet the need of creating positivity and protection, an 8 month (February 13 - October 12, 2018) 100 Pundit World Peace & Individual Protection Yagya has been Created.


Anyone can participate and have their name, photo and vedic astrology details included. Participation can be for 1, 11 or 30 days. Contact Marie (Bhavana) bpkendra@gmail.com for details on sponsorship and registration. See video below.  Read more about the event here. 

Watch World Peace Yagya Video

We Celebrate and rejoice the Yagyas Performed by the Brahmin-Pundits in Their Ashram in Ujjain, India. The Holy Fire of The Eternal Flames of Great Love and Sublime Mercy Blesses the Descending of Communion of The Structure of The Macrocosm with Earth and Its Milky Way, Spreading, this Sublime Fire of Filial Devotion throughout Our Galaxy, The Adam Kadmon Race Galaxy, in Acknowledgment of The Divine Kinship of Godmen and Godwomen Spread out in our Galactic System in Neighborly Love as One Family Under God and Goddess.

I sit down in prayer as I watch the video of the Brahmins-Pandits Open up Their hearts, and Souls and Spirits to this Waterfall of Liquid Flames of Selfless and Devotional Love.

This Cascade of Divine Love comes down From Above as IT couldn't help Itself be Moved to Ecstatic Union with Humanity and The Stars.​ 

Thank you for the Yagyas Performed by the Godly Brahmin-Pandits in their Ashram in Ujjain, India.


The Lord Be with Us -  Our Father Divine and Mother Divine Embraces us with All Consuming Ecstatic Love and Devotion, with The Same Filial Love They gave us since The Beginningless Time.

Let us Immerse Ourselves with Family Love, As The One Beloved cuddles us with His Sacred Muse. Oh Holy Flames of Great Love Given and Great Love Received.


May our Mother Earth's  Love for YOU, receive Favor from your Holy Glances of Divine Love.  Amen!


Much love to the Infinite,


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