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Meditative CDs for your Spiritual growth
by Samyama Flowering Tree
You Are The Answer

In the teachings of the East, it is said, “You Are the Answer.” Deep within each of us is a fathomless well of Inner Wisdom. Join Samyama for this extraordinary audio journey as she creates a sacred space for you to tap into your own Inner Wisdom and awaken your deepest source of creativity and inner power.


Receive teachings of Ancient & Ageless Wisdom from the Oral Tradition of the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage of North America for the purpose of establishing a profound connection with your Inner Self and the God of your Heart.                                  


$8.00 for CD + $5.65 for shipping and handling = $13.65


Drop It! - The Command of Lord Buddha

According to the Saints and Sages of the East, the future is nothing but a thought hurled in space. There is nothing but the moment ~ the eternal Now, Now, Now, Now.


It is said in the East that we must live each moment as if it were our last in order to live life to the fullest.

The Yogi practices letting go of the past, for the past is dead and gone. Moreover, the future does not exist.

It is for this reason that the Saints and Sages of the East practice “dropping it” or “getting off it” or “letting go.” One who masters the practice of “dropping it” also has the ability to drop the body deliberately and consciously in the hour of death.         

$8.00 for CD + $5.65 for shipping and handling = $13.65

Join Samyama as she hands down the profound teaching from the Oral Tradition of the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage of North America.

Purchase both CDs for $21.65 (includes shipping).

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Samyama Flowering Tree has 60 years of study in Karttikeyan Yogic Method—an Eastern guided form of imagery and creative visualization in Spiritual Astrology.  She is Grandmaster and Seer of The Mahavatar Babaji Mystery School in Rochester, NY and The Holy House in Stamford, CT.

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