Intuitive Mentor-Coaching
with Samyama Flowering Tree

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Intuitive Mentor-Coaching based on the Essence and Guidance
of  Your Spiritual Astrology Chart


Would you like to
Know in your bones you are Enough?
Feel Clear and Confident?
Live your Intention with Joy and Enthusiasm?

Being a Spiritual Astrologer and Spiritual Teacher for many years has uniquely prepared Samyama to intuitively mentor-coach and guide you to realizing your True Potential.


Using your birth chart and other metaphysical tools; Intuition, skills in processing your issues, spiritual guidance and support, you can become your Best Self:Heart Centered, in Integrity, Clear Seeing, Action-Taking,Fully Alive and Thriving 


$360 per 90 minute phone session

10 sessions for $3000 if paid in full in advance



John Crawford (Shripati)


to schedule your appointment and arrange payment. 

"I have been on a spiritual path all my adult life yet working with Samyama the past year has brought the most spiritual growth and development I have ever had. Samyama is pure love!"  ~Doreen Dell (Colorado)