2014 Workshops & Retreats

Karttikeyan Yogic Method
2014 Annual 9-Day Retreat


November 8-16  Summerville, SC

This Karttikeyan Yogic Method is an Evolutionary Healing Modality for anyone who wishes to contact the deepest part of Self and to accelerate their personal Evolution.  This ancient methodology uses Spiritually Empowering Language to put the recipient into a deep hypnogogic state - the natural state experienced momentarily just before going to sleep when the passive and active minds change roles of dominance.  In that Profound State of Awareness, deep healing, transformation and Realization of Self occurs.


PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION - LEVELS 1-3; Nov. 8-12; 10am-6pm daily; $1,800 investment

GROUP FACILITATOR CERTIFICATION - LEVELS 1-4; Nov. 8-16; 10am - 10pm daily; $5,000 investment


Join us for this extraordinary experience and accelerate your evolution faster than the speed of thought!


Email josanstech@yahoo.com or call 845-870-4462



More about the KYM 9-Day Retreat

In order to accelerate your evolution, the KYM 9-day retreat offers a Certification Course. 

KYM addresses the unconscious in order to manifest the highest remembrance of one's innate nature as Soul. Participants become Vessels of Light for the transmission of the Karttikeyan Yogic Method Sessions by becoming Connected with Spirit and the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage of North America. Breathwork, guided meditation and yoga will be part of the 9-day training. Read more about the retreat below.