The Dark Night of the Soul
The Only Dance There Is
by Samyama Flowering Tree

At this time on our planet, many of us are finding ourselves in a
Dark Night of the Soul - a place where we are forced to look at our issues.


Here is Samyama's account of her DNS journey.

My Dark Night


My experience of the Dark Night of the Soul started December 14, 1984 and lasted until June 2004.  What precipitated my DNS was when I had a Visitation (in The Personal Form) from the Hindu god Shiva. It was a very humbling experience and through this a very Dark Night. The feeling was like standing right in front of the Limitless Light. Yet it felt so dark as I became aware of all that was not working in my life at the time. All the unresolved issues in the past lay staring at me, Naked with No Weapons. There was no escape and nowhere to hide. There was no place to go where God is Not.


My saving grace during that time was that I had extensive training in processing my own issues, along with bodywork, meditation, and a holistic health healer, Joseph Aldo, who gave me Bach Flower remedies. Acupuncture, energy medicine (such as Shamanism and foot reflexology) were also extremely beneficial. I do not know what I would have done without these modalities.


It finally ended in June of 2004, almost 20 years later. I had a very hard time recuperating from the onslaught of heartache, grief, sorrow and very heavy processing of issues. Then on February 14, 2007, while I was giving a Satsang in Chestnut Ridge, New York, I met Bhagwan Joseph Aldo and his great friend, Sequoia Robin Spiegel.  That meeting was the beginning of my sky-rocketing recuperation from the Dark Night of the Soul. In reflection, I found the DNS a God-send experience and cherished it.  


On September 25, 2014 (10 years later), the Second Octave of my Dark Night happened. By then, I knew what was happening. And it is true, that Love is lovelier the second time around. I fell in love with God, head over heels and I can feel the relationship cleansing me, purifying me and clearing whatever was sick, weak and unhealthy about the residue of my ego dissolving. It was very painful, emotionally and psychologically.


And for the second time, my skill in processing my issues was important. With the assistance of intuitive holistic healer, Bhagwan Joseph Aldo and transformational bodyworker and Life Coach Sequoia Robin Spiegel, I found a stable support system empowering me to reach for a much clearer path.  The two of them assisted me to clear with a broomstick the path of my DNS.


I am still in it in the sense that my physical body is detoxing to the hilt. A Sufi saint and mystic said: "When the body is weak the soul is stronger."  I do feel that this statement reflects my journey today. My body is weak but my soul is stronger, magnified and amplified as I grow closer and nearer to God. May God have mercy on my soul!


Right now, I am Walking alternately between Agony and Ecstasy. I have learned to Dance at the Razor's Edge these days.  Sequoia gives me coaching to assist me in my navigation of my current DNS and Joseph gives me flower essences and continues to monitor my homeopathic remedies. I love this Space of DNS. It is most difficult to go through it yet it is worth it.


I enjoy the dance between Agony and Ecstasy! It is The Only Dance There Is!

I am happy and ecstatic that at last I am on my path seeking what the Eastern Saints and Sages Sought. I highly propose that as Uranus will be in Taurus beginning May 16, 2018, and Pluto in Aquarius in 2023, that spiritual aspirants learn to master processing their issues and get skilled on how to do life coaching on themselves. 

Samyama Flowering Tree's entrance to the Second Octave of her DNS was precipitated by the Catalytic Presence of a Prolific Sufi Master, Pir Zia Inayat Khan of the Sufi Order International during  a Sufi Summer Camp in New Lebanon, NY, Summer of 2011. She also received great support from her Sufi Guide of 10 years now, Suhrawardi.


Pir Zia's and Suhrawardi's Experiential Teaching are remarkably two of the greatest contributions to Samyama's 63 years of Spiritual Journey!


" I praise The Lord for sending me to Tutors and Mentors who are impeccable, and real Gems of Priceless Wisdom. Thank you, Mother Divine, Father Divine, and All Pervasive Reality, in ITS Current Incarnations!  I am Wholesome and Empowered by The Limitless Lights of Their Impeccable Presences in my Life. Thank you All for YOU, Perfected Beings, for showing me how YOU Sought The THAT!   I am humbled by the Depth of your Humility, Showing me How Courageous it is to remain Vulnerable in The Face of Great Love and Sublime Devotion! 


Thank you for Loving me with your Absolute Mights!"

~ Samyama Flowering Tree

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