Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul
with Flower Essences
by Joseph Aldo

Are you asking: “Why me? What have I done to deserve this?

Why must I endure such pain and suffering?” 


Perhaps you are in the Dark Night of the Soul.

When the Dark Night appears, things begin to go haywire as the once stable existence of your life is turned upon its head. The mind has a hard time making sense of its shifting reality as the inner world erupts with intense feelings not previously present.


Fear, confusion, anxiety, depression, and a host of other emotions may emerge as Pandora’s Box is flung open revealing the contents of the subconscious, a domain that runs 95% of our lives. When confronted by the complex realities and inexplicable paradoxes operating within this unexplored terrain, chaos ensues as the foundation that was once considered “normal life” comes apart.


In this place, existential questions arise from the void of dissolution: Who am I? What is my purpose? What’s the point of life? What is going on?

The Dark Night of the Soul has been referenced by spiritual teachers for ages. It is an inner journey that one is called to undertake at various stages in life, one where the mind’s limited perceptions of reality are utterly transformed. 

Flower Essences

  • Aspen

  • Cherry Plum

  • Elm

  • Gorse

  • Mimilus

  • Mustard

  • Pine

  • Rescue Remedy

  • Star of Bethlehem

  • Sweet Chestnut

  • Walnut 

I have found energy medicine, specifically flower essences, to be a godsend during these challenging times. In my holistic healing practice, flower essences have proven to be the most expeditious medicine for my clients as they effectively support the clearing of old patterns and the integration of new paradigms. 
During the Dark Night I have found these specific flower essences to be of greatest assistance:












Remedies can be taken singularly or in combination with others. A skilled flower essence therapist is able to pinpoint which remedies are most needed to facilitate a graceful transition through the Dark Night of the Soul.





This excerpt was taken from an article written by Joseph Aldo that was originally published by Dr. Kelly Brogan. Read more about DNS and Joseph Aldo on his website .

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