Spiritual Astrology Sessions with Samyama

It is with great joy that we offer private spiritual astrology readings with Samyama on Friday and Saturday June 17 and 18, 2015 in Newtown, CT.


Through Samyama’s masterful readings, one awakens to the powerful planetary structures that design one’s very nature. As Albert Einstein once said, “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”  Using deep spiritual insight, a huge compassionate heart, and transcendent wisdom, Samyama’ s work allows one to grow beyond their limiting beliefs and into the Beauty and Grace of who they truly are.

In a Spiritual Astrology Reading one will learn about one’s Spiritual Journey and possibility for Self-Actualization and Realization in this lifetime, why things are happening in one’s life, and the source of any upheavals or sudden changes.  With this information one will have more access to Self-Mastery instead of being in the passenger seat so one can navigate through life more effectively, efficiently, and gracefully. Each session includes a Natal Chart Reading, Tarot Reading, Aura Reading, Past LifeReading, Soul Life Reading, and locality readings of birthplace, current residence, and other locations with personal connections.


  • First time clients $500/session (90 - 120 minutes)

  • Updated readings for returning clients $360/session (60-90 minutes)

  • Additional locality readings for vacation, business, or personal interest available.


Please bring your own recording device to record the session.


To schedule an appointment reply to this email or call Radha (Cathy) French at 203.451.2029.


Loving you Now and Always,


(Cathy French)


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