Glad Tidings!
A Great Blessing is flowing to Planet Earth.

Yin-Yang symbol

created by Greer Jonas

This Blessing has its origins in the eternal relationship of Yin and Yang. The underlying purpose of evolution is the balancing of the Yin and Yang of our nature.


Yin is nourishing and nurturing and is also known as the Sacred Female; the Creative Principle, the She-God. Yang is assertive, such as Love. It is an action word and is also known as the Holy Male, Divine Masculine and He-God. When Yang arises Yin is automatically evoked out of Yang, similar to the story of Adam and Eve.

When Yin and Yang danced their Tantric Love Dance and Merged into Cosmic Intercourse a Great Being was conceived who is the Created future of the Adam Kadmon Race which is the Race of earthlings like ourselves.


This Being is known as “The Divine Child” the Gray Magician; He Who Leaves a Blazing Trail of Light for Humanity to Follow. He is the Structure of the Macrocosm, and Travelling to the Birth Canal, Awakens into a New life called Microcosm.  The axiom As Above So Below, So Below As Above expresses this beautifully.

This Being of Living Divinity is cosmically balanced in ITS Yin and Yang and now lives outside the circle of Yin and Yang. It lives “Outside the Box”. Brave New World!


2016 is the year of The Divine Child. Children born within 2016 are all Diamond Children. They are Advanced Souls and High Initiates with great, great hearts. They will be known for three great qualities: Inner Silence (Mouna), being Totally Ordinary, and having Total Simplicity Per Se. Their Destiny is to Leave Trails of Blazing Light for Humanity to Follow.

This Divine evolutionary event brings great advancement to all beings and the consciousness of our planet. We will open to the changes of our material world. We will receive the Higher Self’s Descent into matter and we will Know Christ Consciousness, Shiva Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness, Mohammed Consciousness are all One and The Same Higher Self of The One Beloved.


The third dimension we knew before 2016 will go out of style.  We are facing a Most "New" World!  Our Earth at last, is a New World, and we are a New People living by The Grace of God.

Much Gratitude, like there is no Tomorrow, only Today,

Samyama Flowering Tree


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