Sophia Magdalene

In honor of Beloved Cosmic Daughter, and Master Healer

Eulogy for Sophia Magdalene (Silvia Flores)


To all friends and acquaintances who have "met" a Most Fabulous Godwoman in this Lifetime, Sophia Magdalene (Silvia Flores), we present the Eulogy that was read at her funeral service on June 2, 2018.


It is an Offering of Great Respect and Great Love on The Occasion of Your Rite of Passage, As Deathless Atman, The Universal Soul!

Fellow Travellers on The Endless Path,

Today, Our Beloved Silvia Flores, whom we, of The Taoist Yogi Christ Lineage calls Sophia Magdalene, is Being honored at The Event of Her Final Exit from The Earth Plane. She has Served as Chief High Priestess* of Our Spiritual Community, with Former Headquarters here in Summervile, SC since 2014. 


Sophia Magdalene, Beloved of God, we Praise The Lord that you gave us 4 years of your Life, In Profound Service Toward The One Beloved! You have Served Our Fellowmen with Great Love and Sublime Devotion, as a Mystic, a Disciple to Joyce Stech, who is a Grand Master of Karate. As an adept in Spiritual Paintings, we Celebrate and Rejoice your Expertise in The Mystical Art.

Your Life is an Embodiment of Divine Love for The All Pervasive Reality!


Two weeks before Sophia Magdalene passed away, the Hierophants of The TYCL International, proclaimed and recognized her as a Mystic, and Declared Her Ascension as a Mystic!


At the Banks of one of the 4 Most Holy Rivers in India, situated in the Holy Ground of Ujjain, India, Sophia Magdalene will receive the Rite of Passage to The Realm of Death of The Old and Birth of The New, Performed by 100 Brahmin-Pundits at The Banks of the Holy River, in Ujjain, India. Praise be To God, In The Highest!


Merciful Lord, Behold Thy Child, Sophia Magdalene, as She Clings to your Bosom in Utter Awe of the Magnitude of Thy Greatness. Aah! All Pervasive Reality, Our Beloved Sophia is Blessed by Thy Glance! Her Lifeless Body, fueled, only by The Eternal Flame of Thy Never-Ending Love for All Creatures Great and Small.

There are 100 Brahmin-Pundits in Ujjain, India who are Masters in Officiating Yagnas for Spiritual

Aspirants on The Endless Path. Sophia Magdalene joined our Departed Ancestors in the realm of the Ascended Masters in the seventh plane. The TYCL Int'l. Celebrates and Rejoices their Illumined Spiritual Head, Panditji Satish Joshi.


Our Gratitude, Oh Lord! knows No Bound, that you have given us the chance to meet her, know her. For to know her is to love her, through Everlasting Life!


The Lord be With you, in All His Radiant Glory! Beloved of God! Our Sister,

May Our Gratitude Walk with you as you Enter The Realm of The Ascended Masters, as you Seek Audience From Our Maker, Creator of Heaven and Earth!


Receive the Audience of The Living God, and Lift Up your Heart in Great Joy at This Reunion with The God of Your Heart! Farewell, for Now, Sweet Lady, Sophia Magdalene!


JAYA Sophia Magdalene!

Jaya Silvia Flores, Jaya Silvia Flores!

We Thank Thee O Lord for Thy Great Love

Bestowed Upon All of Us at This Moment,

and All The Moments of Our lives.


All is Well, Dear Lord, Our Father-God!

All is Well! AMEN!


Namaste and Pranams,

I AM Samyama Flowering Tree

Reiki Angel by Sophia Magdalene

* As of late 2018, Samyama Flowring Tree was appointed Successor as Chief High Priestess of the TYC Lineage International. She is honored to continue Sophia's great work.