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A Lingering Kiss from the love of your life…
Your child’s smile
The radiant Grace of Dawn over the morning landscape


Some things can touch you so deeply
You open to a subtly shimmering experience that

can take you closer to the Divine…

Samyama’s Work,

Lightworkers Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra, 

is like this.


Ascended Masters channel Samyama so

The Transformative Power of the Spoken Word

Can allow you to have experiences like these…

They arise spontaneously in the Spiritual

atmosphere created and supported by

The Ascended Masters and Samyama Flowering Tree


Each session is a healing Spiritual journey

through your Inner World.

You return to your everyday life gently changed…

More peaceful and Balanced

Resonant with your Indwelling Divinity


To more deeply support your ability to create the life you love

Samyama will be giving Initiation in the Mantra


(Divine Magick)

translated as

 ~I Create As I Speak~



Please join us for your

Transformative Journey of Love and Healing


Lightworkers Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra


12:00 noon – 5:00 pm

Zoom and In Person in Rockland County, New York


Certification available for those interested in continuing

on to becoming Facilitators in Lightwork Karttikeyan Nidra


Special Pricing

$300/day in person        $108/day via zoom

To Register

and have your questions answered

please contact

Radha Cathy French



Payment prior to the event is required. Please pay by Zelle or PayPal  Lotus N Gates   gatesoflight@gmail.com

For other payment options please contact Radha.


May you be Blessed as Others are Blessed by You



Samyama Flowering Tree

"Beloved, pace me and lead me,
that I may listen to the Whisperings of my
Heart's Wisdom." - Mahavatar Babaji

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