Embracing Mercury Retrograde and the One

April marks the beginning of the second quarter of the global "1" year - 2017. (2+0+1+7=1). In *numerology terms, "One" deals with new beginnings and taking action in your life. In Eastern tradition, "One" is the "I AM presence. This is your moment to take a different direction that might change your life.


With April being the fourth month and right smack into tax time, it is the time to be mindful of our relationship with money, work and finances.  Be mindful that everything in this universe is made up of energy, like money. Money is divine energy that descends into matter as a means of exchange. 

This is a part of our inheritances from God as His/Her heirs and heiresses, for everything that belongs to him, belongs to us also as His/Her Rightful Children. 

"The One". From Numerology Oracle cards

by Greer Jonas

About Mercury Retrograde – (April 9 - May 3, 2017)


Mercury Retrograde is a phenomena likened to Athletes getting ready to run a Marathon.  The Athletes pose themselves in a Still, with bodies half bent to the ground, waiting for the "Start" Signal.  This period of posing Still is when Mercury is Retrograde, the purpose of which is to gather Momentum, so that it may be able to go on Velocity Per Se, keeping the Momentum at the same time.  


During Mercury Retrograde, communication most of the time gets muddled up, and technology particularly for Mass Media/Communication falters.  It is advisable not to marry, sign important contracts, make formal commitments, and make binding agreements during Mercury Retrograde.

As a rule, Spiritual Astrologers, like myself, do not make important decisions, agreements and commitments during Mercury R, particularly right on the day Mercury turns Retrograde, and during the day, Mercury turns Direct.  Mercury Retrograde is like the Sunset, when it goes Direct, it is like the Dawn Appearing, with the Rays of the Sun going through.  It is not even a topic that is debatable, it is just valid that Sunset is the Onset of Gathering Nightfall, and Dawn is the appearance of Daylight.

Mercury Retrograde is a time for Inner Reflection. 

In Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra, Inner Reflection is defined as, "A One-Pointed Offering of the gist of All the Blessings and Grace we have received from The Bright Blue Flame enthroned at the center of our physical heart. 


In Sanskrit, this Bright Blue Flame is called the Mula Purusha (The Original Being/Higher Self) which is enthroned at the center of our heart of hearts.  Jesus of Nazareth talks about this, when He said, "The Kingdom of God lies within".  During Mercury Retrograde, Inner Reflection is

done as a Tribute of  Gratitude of the Sadhaka ( Spiritual Aspirant) to the God/Goddess of our heart.   This gist is absorbed into The Sacred, Holy and Divine Flame that the Mula Purusha is.  Upon absorption, the gist, all throughout Mercury Retrograde is Transmuted as a Gift of Love of the Sadhaka , that the Taoist Yogi Christ Lineage calls "The Disciple's Grace.". 


This Disciple's Grace, when Mercury turns Direct, now does Reflect from our Mula Purusha, throughout our Inner Body, permeating our Internal Organs, and out through the pores of our skin, that our new clarity, Vision, Intention be a Blessings to All Creatures Great and Small, our Planet, and our Galaxy and our Creation.  This Light then that comes from each and everyone of us on this Earth, this Galaxy, makes a Contribution, a Sharing of All that is magnified and amplified in us to our Brethren.

If you feel that your Light is not clear and bright and beautiful during Mercury Retrograde, Praise the Lord/The Mother Goddess, for your Light is being transmuted by your Higher Self, to Become

The Greatest IT could be when Mercury Retrograde is Done with its Seva (Devotional Selfless Service) to you.   Hooray for God Mercury, The Lord of Advanced Metaphysics and The Fine Arts of Language Usage!  Abundant Blessings and Lovelights, Oh Lord of Hosts!!!!!

When the Higher Self absorbs the totality of our gist, our Offering does not make us lose our Light, rather, it multiplies, so that the Offering can be made.  Just like when a Guru takes Mahasamadhi, His/Her Successor inherits everything He/She has to Offer, without the Guru losing everything that He/She is. 

"The Light of The Self is Ever-New".

What shall I do?


So, until Mercury goes direct (May 3), it is great to stay in the "Be Here Now" concept, and remain hip to the concept of "Here and There" as in the Axiom:

As Above, So Below, So Below, as Above

Living for the moment, in the "Hear and Now", it is like Bi-location where a being is in two spaces at the same time. In other words it is like being Transcendental and being Grounded at the same time. It is the first step to practicing being in All-Pervasive and Ever-Present. In other words, it is the first practice of the I AM presence in being the One without a Second.

This particular mercury retrograde of April 9- May 3 is a Practice to spiritual aspirants on the "Ye are Gods".

Live your lives as if it were your last moment on Earth.  Experience the Joy of Life because in this particular retrograde it is a time when Spirit Descends into Matter. It is likened to Grace that follows after every Prayer.  Count your Blessings, one by one, as you Behold what the Maker Hath Done, Behold the Maker, like how He /She Beholds each one of us.  

May you be Blessed! 


All contents written here are part of the Teaching of The Taoist Yogi Christ Lineage International on the subject of Spiritual Astrology, created by Samyama Flowering Tree, author of Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra.

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