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"Mercury Retrograde is a beautiful phenomenon" - Samyama

"Dear Samyama, It is March 20 and I am already feeling mercury retrograde coming in. Computers are crashing, I am losing things, communication is completely messed up.  Help! – Greer, NYC

Answer from Samyama

Mercury Retrograde begins March 22-April 15, 2018 in the Fire Sign Aries.  After that, MR's Shadow (the Inner Child) will take 14 days to Move Out of retrograde,  which is on April 29, 2018.  The 14 day Saga of the Inner Child will affect us, in a manner similar to the experiences of a two or three-year-old when they want what they want, and they want it now. 

This is the path of Aries, the impulsive and passionate. Mercury will assist us to check out impulsive and hasty habits.  It is not just a time where communication breaks down. With Uranus in Aries for the last time (it will be moving into Taurus as of May 16 for 7 years*), this is kind of like the last hurrah. MR will evoke an energy in your emotional body, the second chakra, where procreation and creative artistic instincts are stimulated. 

On the Negative Side, Megalomania can also happen for those who are not mindful that they remain grounded and in the moment during this Transit, which might evoke sporadic Euphoria. 


On the positive side of this Mercury Retrograde, feelings of Ecstatic Love for God, Compassion for the less fortunate, giving Refuge to the world's weary, charity, brotherly love, and Right Livelihood might be really compelling to Benevolent Inhabitants of this Planet. The greatest gift of Uranus in Aries for the last 7 years is going to be condensed into one Mercury Retrograde, which is this one. This is the Grace that will descend, Inspired from Above, which is Christ Consciousness.  

Step 1: Mercury Retrograde (gathering of information for Integration).

Step 2: (Shadow of Mercury Retrograde) Assimilation of those things that no longer serve us and have to be Unlearned, for the purpose of going Forward, and Onward Toward The One for Unification with Everything (also called the Unified Field)  and Nothing and No-Thing. 


Suggested Practices:

1.  Meditation, at least 25 minutes daily, preferably as the dawn appears.

2.  Japa (Mantra Repetition silently, while working at least 7 hours daily).  7 is the Number of the Conqueror of the Lower Mind ( 3 lower chakras).

3.  Prayers at least 4 hours a day, silently.

4. And for those who feel like they have no time, please do the spiritual practices when you can,

Such as when you are brushing your teeth or showering.

Have Fun!  The Lord is a Most Beautiful Companion to Evolution.  You won't find anyone Greater, Humbler, More Fun to be with and Innovative.  He/She is also a great medicine for those experiencing heartache during MR.

About the Hermit. 

It is the Card of He/She who has to momentarily Retreat from the Mundane World to increase the Mind's Still State. The main purpose of this Retrograde Motion is to increase the State of the Mind remaining Still.  MR is when The Spiritual Path of a Spiritual Aspirant is most intense, and Vigilance is highly recommended. Motto: "Watch the Watcher in you, Watch YOU!".

The Yellow Flower is the favorite of Lord El Morya

who was Abraham in his first life time, the father of the Jewish Nation.


Mercury is also God of The Fine Arts of Communication.  Another Name for him as an Earthling is Hermes Trismegistus, Son of the Greek god Zeus from an Earth Woman. This is a perfect time for learning.  Samyama will be teaching the first class of a series of classes on Communication as a Healing Tool on April 22, 2018 in Rochester New York. See this link for more information and how to register.

* Uranus will be moving into Taurus starting May 16, 2018 for the next 7 years. 
Watch Samyama's Interview here for more information on how it will affect you.

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