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Just Published by Samyama Flowering Tree
Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra
A Course Manual on Eastern Guided Imagery and Creative Visualization
by Samyama Flowering Tree (published 2017)

Paperback book: $32.42   E-book: $4.99

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New! Meditations from Samyama's CDs 
"Ascension of Mother Earth", "You Are the Answer" & "Drop It!"
Available in MP3 downloadable format.


Meditation for The Ascension of Mother Earth:
You Make a Difference to Spirit!

NEW! Meditation for The Ascension of Mother Earth guided by Samyama Flowering Tree is now available to you. This prolific meditation will guide you through the chakras and assist in the Kindling of the Windless Flame in your heart.

$5.00 for MP3 downloadable format. We will send to you through dropbox.

Drop It! - The Command of Lord Buddha

Samyama Flowering Tree hands down the profound teaching from the Oral Tradition of the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage of North America. It is the teachings of Letting Go of the Past and Living in the Now, Now, Now.


$5.00 for MP3 downloadable format.

We will send to you through dropbox.



You Are The Answer

In the teachings of the East, it is said, “You Are the Answer.” Deep within each of us is a fathomless well of Inner Wisdom. Join Samyama for this extraordinary audio journey as she creates a sacred space for you to tap into your own Inner Wisdom and awaken your deepest source of creativity and inner power.


$5.00 for MP3 downloadable format.

We will send to you through dropbox.

Order all three audio files  for $12.00
We will both send you all three audio files to you through dropbox
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This beautiful print is from the original painting that blesses the Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra book's front cover. (See more information about the book on this page.) When purchasing a Mahavatar Babaji print, you will be directed to PayPal to complete the transaction and your order will be fulfilled by Zola Graphics.

(Contact Pam Capozzola at pzolagraphics@gmail.com for more information.)

Print of Mahavatar Babaji
by Pamela Gates Capozzola


Prints also available on canvas.

Contact Pam Capozzola at pzolagraphics@gmail.com 
or 631-835-8024 for prices and to order.



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