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When purchasing a book you will be directed to the website of Gather Insight to complete the transaction.  When purchasing a CD you will be directed to iTunes to complete the transaction. When purchasing a Mahavatar Babaji print, you will be directed to PayPal to complete the transaction and your order will be fulfilled by Zola Graphics  (pzolagraphics@gmail.com)

Invoking the Transcendent Voice of the Divine Witness

Paperback book: $28.00

                    e-book: $7.77

                         Read more about the book here.

Karttikeyan Yogic Method™ Manual by Samyama

Price: $40.00


The Secret Garden by Munishwarji Walking Tall

Hardcover Illuminated Book   $44.00                     

Book plus Audio Initiations     $64.00

Audio Initiations only               $20.00


Distance Healing CD by Munishwarji Walking Tall

        Price: $9.99



No Teaching Yoga by Melissa Forbes                                   

 Hardcover Illuminated Book  $44.00                           

 Audio Meditations                     $15.00

 Prints of Mahavatar Babaji by Pamela Gates Capozzola


Prints also available on canvas.

Contact Pam Capozzola at pzolagraphics@gmail.com or 631-835-8024 for prices and to order.

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