Releasing the Vow of Poverty
Mantra, Meditation and the Power
of the Spoken Word
With Samyama and Bhagwan Josephji 


Dates:   January 25, February 15, March 15, 2014

Time:   10am – 6pm. Cost: $495 for 3 classes and lunch

Registration limited to 20 people


To Register: email
or call 203-451-2029

Sky Bird, Painting by Greer Jonas

For lifetimes we have vowed to be of service to God, to humanity and denounced our right to material abundance. This vow has left many of us in a state of poverty in our current lives. We have equated Spirituality with the renunciation of material possessions in the past and this belief no longer serves our journey as conscious embodiments and masters of our own destiny.


It is time to take back our inherent right to living an abundant life on all levels, including the material, and release the vow of poverty.  In order to do this we must uproot the old programs, patterns and beliefs around money, material goods and self-worth, affirming our birthright to abundance.


In this workshop, we will explore mantras, meditation and the powerof the spoken word as tools to bring awareness to our limiting belief systems, uproot old self-sabotaging programs/patterns and empower ourselves to live the life that we so choose – a life of abundance on all levels, from physical health to material wealth and Spiritual Realization.

Join us in this transformational experience and recall being the master

of your life and destiny.


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Bhagwan Josephji (Joseph Aldo) is an intuitive holistic healer and spiritual teacher and holds a PhD in Natural Health. For the past 20 years Bhagwan has been a student and practitioner of holistic modalities including: Ayurveda, homeopathy, flower essence therapy, transformational coaching, meditation, nutrition and detoxification. He has created and facilitated numerous workshops, including Healing Circles, Mentorship programs, Intuitive Awakenings, Conversations in Consciousness, and Holistic Healing Trainings. Bhagwan Josephji's focus is the awakening and liberation of the soul via the release of dis-ease and self-sabotaging, self-limiting patterns, programs and beliefs. For more info visit: