Master Blueprint for Self-Actualization™


A Master Blueprint for Self-Actualization™ is a detailed action plan or “road map” created on the Higher Planes of Consciousness and “downloaded” into one’s DNA that accelerates one’s Spiritual Evolution.  It is then activated as one progresses through an individualized selection of courses taken over many years during which the Ascended Masters teach the recipient in the Dark and in Silence causing his or her to go through Attitudinal Growth.

The Master Blueprint is available to individuals who meet certain criteria based on their astrological chart.  To find out if you qualify within the next 34 years, please provide your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth to Samyama (click here) .  If your natal chart meets the minimum criteria, the next step is to schedule a Spiritual Astrology Reading with Samyama.


The cost of the initial reading is $500. If, following the reading, it is determined that you qualify for a Master Blueprint, the price for this high-level tool for accelerated Spiritual Evolution will be quoted to you.  Fees and tuitions for the recommended courses are not included in the Master Blueprint fee.



Spiritual Astrology Readings


In a Spiritual Astrology Reading with Samyama one will learn about one’s Spiritual Journey and possibility for Self-Actualization and Realization in this lifetime, how come things are happening in one’s life, and the source of any upheavals or sudden changes.  With this information one will have more access to Self-Mastery, instead of being in the passenger seat, so one can navigate through life more effectively, efficiently, and gracefully. Each session includes a Natal Chart Reading, Tarot Reading, Aura Reading, Past Life Reading, Progress Chart Reading, Soul Life Reading, and Compatibility Reading with three significant people in your life.


$500/session (90 - 120 minutes)

Sessions by phoneor in person.





Email today to schedule an appointment. Please supply information on what type of session your are interested in.


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