Shamanic Soul Readings

with Ahalya Running Deer

"Self Mastery is for everyone; there is no greater time than Now
for Evolution to Higher Consciousness." - Ahalya Running Deer

A Shamanic Soul Reading Session enables the return of your Personal Power – creating greater self-awareness, clarity and direction.

The Shamanic Soul Reading is a Healing Divination that allows for more clarity on our journey to wholeness. Ahalya works in non-ordinary reality to bring the soul's wisdom and healing for your greatest self-expression and soul evolution.

  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval: During your session, Ahalya will retrieve soul pieces (Personal Power) that have been lost.

  • Distance Healing and guidance: Conversation before and after the session will assist you to find your purpose and vision while healing the soul pieces that have returned.

Shamanic Soul Reading Sessions are $250.

If you have any questions and/or would like to schedule an appointment, please email:

Ahalya Running Deer is a Medicine Woman and Spiritual Teacher. She is a student in Eastern Philosophy, Yogic Shamanism and Advanced Metaphysics for 33 years under the teachings and tutelage of Samyama Flowering Tree and 25 years with her Shaman Teachers.


Ahalya brings a lightness and sense of humor to complex teachings.





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