What Do I Have to Look Forward to in 2014

2014, The Path of Seven

Adding the sum (2+0+1+4), we get the vibration of seven.

In the East, there are two paths for people on a Spiritual Path. One is Renunciation, for celibates, and those who renounce the world for Spiritual reasons (Number 9). Some become Celibate Monks. The other is the Path of the Conqueror, the householder like you and I. It is ruled by Number 7.

Number 7 is also the Balancing of the Yin and Yang done of each side, Left and Right side. When this is done, Number 7 is likened to two (such as, (1) Yin which is 7, and (2) Yang which is also 7 on a straight Rod. Together, they become number 14, meaning each Seven is called The Temperance. The Yang is called Holy Temperance and the Yin is called Sacred Temperance. Temperance as in the Tempering of Steel. "You strike when the Iron is Hot", a number one rule in for Spiritual Alchemists.

Numerologists see the seven in Pythagorean terms as the Spiritual number. It is the vibration of connecting to the Inner Spirit and going within to find your answers. Read more about numerology and 7 here.