The Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse in August 2017 

Lunar Eclipse (August 7)
and Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

The Solar Eclipse on August 21 and the Lunar Eclipse of August 7 will be experienced nationwide. It is thought to impact the whole USA up to almost one year and a half after The Event. How will it affect you?

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How will the Eclipse affect you?

We ask Samyama as a spiritual astrologer, healer and coach, what her opinion is on these events in a 16 minute interview:

"The impact of the Solar and Lunar eclipse will affect us in our communication and can be used as a healing tool. It will be like spiritual alchemy, which is inner transformation and changing the way we look at something. ~Samyama

Interview with Samyama on the Solar Eclipse of August 21

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The Solar Eclipse of August 21 is in the House of Leo

The Solar Eclipse will be in Leo.  It enters a conjunction with the 9th House of the United States.  This refers to Foreigners and Foreign Countries, Dharma (Righteousness or God's Laws)

Religion, Higher Philosophy, the need to adjust with something new, the Introduction of a New Paradigm, the Faith and Self Confidence of a Nation, and ITS ability to Succeed!

There is a blessing from the Far Eastern masters:

"May the heart of Our Nation be as Soft as Butter, and as Strong as a Thunderbolt!  God Bless America, Our Home Sweet Home! Thank you Solar Eclipse in Leo!  We Love This Land with our Absolute Might!  Abundant Blessings for Spiritual Growth and Auspicious Lovelights! Aah! America, The Beautiful!"

Astrological charts of the United States
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Samyama has 57 years of study in Karttikeyan Yogic Method—an Eastern guided form of imagery and creative visualization in Spiritual Astrology.  She has been doing Professional Spiritual Astrology Readings since January 31, 1983.


She is Co-Grandmaster and Co-Seer of The Taoist Yogi Christ Lineage International, which has its U.S. headquarters in Charleston, SC, Rochester, NY and Atlanta, Georgia. 


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