My Prayer for All of Us

May We All be Blessed!

Star of Bethlehem Flower 2.jpg

It is a great comfort to have The Lord with us! The feeling of God's Presence is so Divine it warms our heartshere at home on Planet Earth, in The Admon Kadmon Galaxy.

There is little money around right now!  Thank God there are utilities, money, water, and some food still present in the Pantry, not mentioning that we have air, light during daytime and the night blanketing us with much-needed rest!I Pray 24/7!  It helps warm my bones!


God moves in very Strange Ways!

We survive daily! I wrote to give our Families here a Blessing!May we all be Blessed with God's Mercy! With the Grace of His Eternally Blissful Arms! And the Comfort of His Everlasting Love!

May daily, the Sun brings forth its warmth at the heartshared generously with everyone! May the Lord always keep us Safe and Sound! May He remember our Undying Love, and See us thru these days, with our hearts filled with Universal Love and Neighborly camaraderie!


May the Moonbeams at us at all Nights that we remain Faithful and always True to Him! May God allow a Descent of Grace from The Source That Manna from Heaven feeds our Hungry and Thirsty!


Thank you Almighty Father and Everlasting Mother! For the Gift of your Love, and Divine Protection! Our hearts feel Thy Holy, Divine, Sacred Presences!The Divine Manifestations of Thy Holiness are in the Air.


Aah! Great Lord!  Please receive our Undying Gratitude for thy continued Blessings and Grace!We Give you our Thanks filled with our Filial love and


Devotion to you both and each other!


Much Gratitude in The Infinite,Samyama - Lotus N Gates


Namaste! - The Divine Flame within me,

Honors the Divine Flame within you,


Beloveds of God!

Much Love, Peace and Balance


"Beloved, pace me and lead me,
that I may listen to the Whisperings of my
Heart's Wisdom." - Mahavatar Babaji