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Samyama sends you Greetings and
Abundant Blessings for this Beautiful New Year!


May the Love of the Lord uplift your Heart in Comfort and Joy!
To support you and the ones you love
She is offering mini sessions focusing on just one question.

Do you have a question about your life, career
or vision that really needs an answer?

Imagine speaking with a Wise Intuitive and having that question answered. What clarity and relief! You would be ready for life’s next adventure! Yes, a Spiritual Astrology Question Reading may be just what you need.

As a Spiritual Astrologer, healer and coach, Samyama has had over 40 years guiding clients. Today, she offers a special mini-focus Reading that will answer your important question for only $60. 

To get started, you can either use Zelle* (preferred method) or the link payment below.  Shortly afterward you will be contacted for your birth information so your astrology chart can be erected. At that time your appointment with Samyama will be scheduled.

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*Or use your Zelle App. User name gatesoflight@gmail.com


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Spiritual Question Reading, you will get a free question reading!

Complete, 90 minute Spiritual readings are also available.
At Special Holiday 1/2 price sale until January 15
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If you have any questions about any of the readings, contact: 

Radha Cathy French at Cathy.Lovingkindness@gmail.com

About Samyama Flowering Tree

Samyama is Creator and Founder of the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage International with 62 years of study in Eastern guided imagery, creative visualization, spiritual astrology, and mystical philosophy. She has been practicing Spiritual Astrology since 1983.

She is Grandmaster, Seer, and Chief High Priestess of The Mahavatar Babaji Mystery School in Rochester, NY and The Holy House in Westport, CT called Transformation Center CT .