Star of Bethlehem

Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul

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A Blessing for You
uith Samyama Flowering Tree

High vibrational guided Blessing from
the Star of Bethlehem on Planet Earth
with Samyama Flowering Tree.

Find yourself in a quiet place and 
connect here

to receive a Blessing through Eastern Guided Imagery

and Creative Visualization.

Star of Bethlehem Interview
with Samyama Flowering Tree
star of bethlehem interview feb 20 2021

Click here to watch an interview with Samyama Flowering Tree
Discussing the Spiritual and Alchemical Effects of the Star of Bethlehem on Our Planet.

Much Love, Peace and Balance


"Beloved, pace me and lead me,
that I may listen to the Whisperings of my
Heart's Wisdom." - Mahavatar Babaji

Planetary and Milkyway LightWorker Retreat 


with Samyama Flowering Tree

(March 19-22)

Read more about the retreat here.