Thanksgiving Note to Mahavatar Babaji:

Painting by Pam Cappozola

Your Divine Light is Most Beautiful today!  Happy Thanksgiving 2015, Great Soul!


My eyes twinkle at the thought of you, as I marvel at the Majesty of You, The One Beloved, enthroned as The Eternal Flame of Great Love and Sublime Mercy at the center of my heart.  Thou Art The Absolute Perfection of Deathless  Love!  Your All-Pervasive Cosmic hugs freshens the air that I breathe, so much so, that moment to moment of the Now, Love is in the air, and I AM Forever, Ever-New! I Celebrate and Rejoice you, Consort of The Auspicious One through Life Eternal.

Today, I give Thanks to you,My Beloved Cosmic Best Friend!  You are The Flame in a Lantern I carry on The Path inside the chamber of my heart, that set a Trail of Blazing Light to grant me the Realization that "I must Seek what you Sought!". ... And, So Be It!  Happy Thanksgiving 2015, Love of My Life!  I AM Here and Now, Always, All Ways!


SADGURUNATH MAHARAJ KIJAY (I bow to the Venerable Feet of the Guru)



Much Gratitude, like there is no Tomorrow, only Today,

Samyama Flowering Tree

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