The Balancing of the Yin and Yang
with Samyama

2017 Date and location to be announced.

When we balance the Yin and Yang we open to the Mid-Way between the YIN (Divine Feminine) and the YANG (Divine Masculine).  The Purpose of this Cosmic Union is to birth the Divine Child within. During this birth, we discover our inner authentic self which is beyond what we are taught to be. Through sensitivity and awareness we learn Autonomy as an Awake Human Being, Living Outside the box.


The YIN and YANG, cannot be learned through intellectual study.  It is more of an experiential practice through the TAOIST teachings. Group Eastern Guided Imagery, Creative Visualizations and grounding processes will be facilitated by Samyama in order to accelerate this union within you.



Date and Rochester, NY location to be announced

Reservation Required. Space is limited.

If you are interested, contact us here.


Flowering Tree

SAMYAMA FLOWERING TREE is a Co-Grandmaster and Co-Seer of Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage International with over 55 years of study in Eastern guided imagery, creative visualization and spiritual astrology and twenty five years' experience in mystical philosophy. She has been doing Professional Spiritual Astrology Readings since 1983.