Taoist-Yogi Christ Lineage Annual Retreat

Retreat starts on Saturday, November 4th at 10am. Class times fluctuate throughout the day and evening hours. Last day, Sunday, November 12th class starts at 9am and ends at 2pm to allow for travel time., 10am-8pm daily (unless otherwise indicated)


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Flowering Tree



Joyce Anahata

Hilal (maMJAH)


Red Hawk Rising

The Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage Annual Retreat is one of the most powerful and transformative spiritual experiences offered by our Lineage. Enjoy Nine (9) days of total Bliss as you Journey Into Your Discovery of Self and total Allowance to All That Is.


  • Learn Ancient & Ageless Wisdom from Experienced Spiritual Teachers in an Atmosphere that both Instructs and Inspires.

  • Grow in an Open Forum environment where the course curriculum adjusts Moment-to-Moment to maximize the Evolution of all participants.

  • Receive Multiple Certifications in Holistic Health & Healing during the course of a 9-day immersion, including Entry Level Certifications in the Multi Colored Universe, Royal Gems, and Palmistry.

  • Fully Actualize Spiritual Truth in your day-to-day life; embrace “Business Buddhahood.”

  • Receive Initiation into your next level of Soul Vibration.

  • Transform in a safe environment, with like minds, hearts and spirits … and be free to embrace the magnificence that you already are.


Contact Joyce Stech at 843-870-4462 or email info@resourcesunlimited1.com

Annual Retreat/Guidance


Sacred Initiation Ceremony

Sat., TBA

Final Closing Ceremony

Sun., TBA


About the Teachers:


Samyama Flowering Tree - Co-Grandmaster, Co-Seer, Matriarch of the TYCL and Founder of the Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra, with over 59 years experience in Spiritual Astrology,Eastern guided imagery and creative visualization. On November 22, 1958, Samyama was initiated by Mahavatar Babaji (through Etheric Plane Communication) as His pupil. Under Mahavatar Babaji’s guidance, Samyama came to the United States where she studied with a Hindu Guru until His Mahasamadhi.

Munishwarji Bayazid - Co-Seer and Co-Grandmaster of the TYCL. Munishwarji is a Master Teacher and Master Healer and a Devotee of his Spiritual Mentor, Samyama. With over 18 years of experience in the field of meditation, holistic health and healing, Munishwarji has dedicated his life to assisting people realize their full spiritual and human potential.


MASTER JAH (Joyce Anahata Hilal ) - Grand Master and Dharma Lineage Holder of the TYCLI. Master Martial Artist and Master Teacher of the Healing Arts and Sacred Geometry. Founder of the Royal Gems™ Matrix Healing System, Founder of YAC™, Your Evolutionary Power Tool. MJAH believes in the constant and persistent growth of herself and her students.

With an Open Heart and Reflective Soul she allows one to explore and grow in their personal Truth.


Shankarji Red Hawk Rising (Keith N. Anderson) - Master of Divinity and Master of Metaphysics Shankarji is the founder of Alchemical Breathwork™. Over the past 25 years, Keith has achieved high levels of accomplishment in many different alternative healing modalities. He is a Master of the Breath and includes his study of Yi Chuan Internal Kung Fu and Qigong in his work. He is accomplished in the Global Business community.

You’ll Love Summerville, South Carolina!

Seminar Location: 125 South Main Street, South Carolina (exit 199A).

Reservations and information: Contact Joyce Stech at 843-870-4462 or email info@resourcesunlimited1.com