Weekend Warrior Retreat*

2017 - date to be announced, 10am-8pm daily (unless otherwise indicated)

* This is the beginning weekend of our TYCL 9 day annual retreat.

Find out more about the full program here.

Greetings Beloveds,


With great love I would like to share our "Weekend Warrior" retreat in South Carolina with you.


This weekend will give you the opportunity to partake in the first three transformative days of the TYCL 9 day retreat. Samyama Flowering Tree, Munishwarji Walking Tall, Shankarji Red Hawk Rising and maMaster JAH will be amongst the spiritual guides on this "Warrior" journey.


If you find that our message calls to you, we would be honored to have you join us. Feel free to share this with anyone who you feel might be interested.


Much love, Samyama



Saturday,TBA - Sunday, TBA- Monday, TBA


The "Weekend Warrior"*

Experience Ancient & Ageless Wisdom from Experienced Spiritual Teachers in an Atmosphere that both Instructs and Inspires. Grow in an Open Forum environment where the course curriculum adjusts Moment-to-Moment to maximize the Evolution of all participants.

The only Daily and Weekend Experience we offer is for the first weekend only. You can attend the first Saturday, November 4th, the weekend, Saturday/Sunday, November 4&5, or three days, Saturday/Sunday/Monday, November 4,5,&6.

This will allow you to experience the energies that will be expanding over the entire 9 day period.

The investment:


$ 750 for Saturday only

$1425 for Saturday/Sunday

$1912 for Saturday/Sunday/Monday


* Daily and weekend rates do NOT include lodging or food.

* There are no certifications for the three day weekend. We are so excited about this upcoming event! There is so much new information to share and experience at a whole new level of Being!


We look forward to Sharing With Much Love Given and Much Love Received.


With Love and many blessings,     


Samyama Flowering Tree ~ Munishwarji Bayazid

Master JAH ~ Shankarji Red Hawk Rising


Please respond by email at josanstech@yahoo.com or contact maMJAH (Joyce Stech) at 843-870-4462 for more information and to register.

You’ll Love Summerville, South Carolina!

Seminar Location: 125 South Main Street, South Carolina (exit 199A).

Reservations and information: Contact Joyce Stech at 843-870-4462 or email info@resourcesunlimited1.com