Workshops, Retreats & Events

We are inspired to provide workshops and retreats for your enlightenment and growth. You will hear more from us shortly as we develop our 2015 calendar.  You can also create a retreat in your own home town by request. 

Retreats by Request
Dark Night of the Soul - A Journey Into Ecstatic Love
8-Day Intensive Retreat


This course is ideal for those who desire deep personal healing and for teachers and healers who want to profoundly increase their ability to evoke Greatness in themselves and others. Number of participants required - 22 (no more and no less) Read more here.

Karttikeyan Yogic Method™ Training
Level 1 (5 Days) or Level 2 (5 Days)


Karttikeyan Yogic Method™ is a language-based healing modality that fulfills the highest need and longing of the recipient’s Soul and escalates his or her Spiritual Evolution. Through Guided Imagery and Creative Visualization the recipient enters a deep Yogic meditative sleep that produces healing and positive transformation on the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, cellular, molecular, and DNA levels. During a session, the recipient’s chakras are pierced, cleared, and balanced. The recipient experiences his or her own magnificence and develops a greater capacity to see him or herself as the magnificent being he or she truly is.


A Karttikeyan Yogic Method™ Practitioner is a Spiritual Mentor. A Karttikeyan Yogic Method™ Teacher is a Spiritual Teacher. The training to become a Practitioner (Level 1) or Master Practitioner (Level 2) links the Practitioner to Spirit, the Ascended Masters and the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage.Each participant in the training will receive a Karttikeyan Yogic Method™ Manual and, upon completion of the course, be certified as a Karttikeyan Yogic Method™ Practitioner. Karttikeyan Yogic Method™ Teacher Training is offered to certified Master Practitioners by invitation only.


Minimum number of participants required - 16.


To bring the Transformative Power of these workshops and retreats to your area, simply:


  1. Contact us or fill out form below to discuss pricing and other details;

  2. Provide the venue and logistical support;

  3. Advertise and market the course as you deem appropriate;

  4. Deliver the required minimum number of participants; and

  5. Provide transportation, room and board for Samyama  and her Co-facilitator.



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